Watch how fast it's to make beats with SonicProducer: Make beats | Produce music | Produce beats and instrumentals

I promise you won't leave your pc for four days straight.

You may make thousands of beats and you do not even would like to be a  professional musician or have any experience, we tend to made it super user  friendly to create your own beats and you won't believe the standard of the  sounds we tend to packed it with.

Take a look at some sample beats that were created using SonicProducer:

Find out how to use instruments to supply music:

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In addition to the the sequencer and tutorials on how to use it, we have a tendency to have  jam packed the members section with production lessons in Logic,  ProTools, software instruments, keyboards and abundant more. You will additionally  get to download prime quality beats and instrumentals and blow their own horns the  beats you create with SonicProducer. Enter our contest together with your best beats  for your likelihood to win $500.

Some Common Questions:

What is SonicProducer?

SonicProducer is an unimaginable cutting edge music sequencer with mp3  export capability. SonicProducer conjointly options music production tutorials  with completely different keyboards, studios also tutorials on the way to use the  Sonic Producer application. All this can be offered online through the  "members area" and contains everything including the software, sounds and  the system of video lessons and documentation.

Will SonicProducer work on my computer?

Yes. SonicProducer works on all computers and operating systems. It will  not matter if you've got a PC, Mac or other platform. If you have any  troubles using the sequencer, drum machine, playing videos or coming into  the members area, simply send my staff an email and we tend to can be glad to  facilitate out immediately!

Take a look at some sample beats that were created using SonicProducer

     Make as many beats as you want.

    Made music is untagged and top quality

    Its fun and easy to use

    Use thousands of sounds to form beats

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    Export each beat you make as an mp3 file

    Learn production with our training center

    Learn how to play piano and alternative instruments

    Turn out music in all styles

    Blow their own horns your beats and win prizes and money

Build positive to watch this video: Watch studio quality beats created quicker  than you'd ever imagine.

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Note that the Sonicproducer software is solely available at the web site and therefore the special promotion can solely last for  today.

24-7 support is additionally included after you join up: If you have got any questions  or need help getting started we tend to will facilitate you each step of the  way. Sign on currently!